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Below you will find the interactive psychoeducation courses I have created. In these multimodal programs, I will guide you through modules that aim to introduce you to the therapy process and foundational psychoeducational concepts.

These courses are designed to prepare individuals for the therapeutic process before they engage in sessions with me. The theory embedded in the programs will expose you to the psychoeducational concepts that I explore in my initial therapy sessions. Furthermore, the workbook activities act as self-reflective exercises that will assist you in identifying your goals for therapy. This will enable you to commence your healing journey with more self-awareness and direction.

However, the programs can also be utilised by individuals not seeking to engage in therapy with me but rather, are curious to learn more about the mechanisms underlying their thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. In this way, my programs can also act as independent self-development courses, allowing individuals to enhance their emotional intelligence and enact changes to improve their personal lives.

My signature course is ‘The Answers Are Within You’, a psychoeducation course focused on trauma. The program will initially introduce you to a trauma-informed therapeutic process, defining what trauma is and how it manifests into symptoms. Further into the course, I will educate you on the neurobiology of the brain, exploring how trauma gets stored in the brain, which relates to how trauma is triggered by life events. This foundational neurobiological understanding of trauma enables me to delve deeper into additional modules to enhance your awareness of how trauma impacts your everyday life. I will explore how experiences of trauma create adaptations and coping mechanisms that influence your behaviour. I will also provide you with tools and strategies to help you regulate your nervous system when trauma is triggered. By engaging in this psychoeducation, I will assist you in paving the path towards your healing process and improving your emotional wellbeing.

My upcoming attachment-focused parenting course is the next resource to be released. In this program, I will introduce you to attachment theory as a model for attuned parenting, built on the paradigm of ‘connect then correct’. In this approach, I help teach parents how to meet their children’s emotional needs, and thereby ‘connect’ to their children. This ‘connection’ is a vital prerequisite if parents wish to ‘correct’ behaviour that is impeding on the emotional health of their children and their families. Furthermore, this course assists parents in identifying what is driving their child’s behaviour, treating the maladaptive behaviours as the symptom and not the cause.

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