The Answers Are Within You

Welcome to “Discover Inner Healing: The Answers Are Within You,” an illuminating online course curated by Rayma Torresan, an experienced psychotherapist and trauma specialist. Embark on a transformative journey toward healing and emotional well-being with our comprehensive psychoeducational program.

The course offers a “work-at-your-own-pace” format, featuring videos and a reflective workbook, granting you lifetime access to the course platform.

Dive Deep into Understanding: Start your exploration by delving into the definition of trauma and comprehending its profound effects on your sense of self. Gain invaluable insights into the neurobiology of trauma and its far-reaching impact on everyday life.

Understand the Impact of Trauma: Learn about how trauma shapes our sense of self, how we develop coping mechanisms to survive, and how these adaptations can hijack our higher selves, leading to elevated symptoms of anxiety, depression, and dysfunctional behaviours that affect our quality of life and relationships. It’s not just about the events themselves; it’s about the lasting effects they have on our self-worth, self-esteem, and overall perception of life.

Empowerment through Education: This course goes beyond mere information. It will not only educate and inspire you about the intricacies of the neurobiology of trauma and the brain-body connection but also equip you with the tools to heal internally. Once you grasp how trauma impacts you, this course offers profound insight, knowledge, and actionable strategies to help you respond to elevated symptoms, enhance your sense of self, and foster internal healing.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we unlock the potential for healing that lies within you.

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About Rayma…

Rayma Torresan is a seasoned psychotherapist specializing in trauma treatment. With a wealth of experience in providing counselling and therapy to individuals, couples, and families, Rayma is dedicated to empowering clients to enhance their quality of life, overcome negative beliefs, and break unwanted patterns.

Specializing in addressing a wide range of issues including anxiety, panic attacks, relationship challenges, depression, childhood trauma, anger management, grief and bereavement, life transitions, parenting struggles, family conflicts, sexual abuse, PTSD, and trauma recovery, Rayma’s expertise spans a diverse spectrum of mental health concerns, psychological challenges and emotional struggles.

Recently, Rayma has introduced an engaging online course focused on psychoeducation about trauma. This comprehensive program delves into the neurobiology of the brain and explores how past experiences shape present realities. More than just an educational resource, this interactive course offers self-reflective exercises aimed at enhancing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and fostering curiosity about one’s internal landscape.

In addition to offering therapy both in-person and online, Rayma also serves as a clinical supervisor for therapists, sharing insights and expertise to support professional growth and development in the field.

Join Rayma on a journey of healing and self-discovery through her transformative online course.

“Working with Rayma honestly changed my life. I was set free by the understanding of myself that she gifted me. I have been able to work through so many things I didn’t realise had a profound impact on how I related to the world and she has believed in me every step of the way”


Working with Rayma over the years has been completely life-changing for me. Her compassion and guidance through some of my toughest life challenges has helped me work through my healing process with so much more clarity and confidence and given me the tools necessary to show up in my day-to-day life as a better version of myself. I’m truly grateful for her expertise and support.


What You Will Receive In The Course

Get access to 6 Modules featuring over 4 hours of video content – packed with trauma-informed, evidence-based psychoeducation, mirroring the invaluable insights you’d typically receive in your initial 6-8 therapy sessions with Rayma.

Gain access to a PDF workbook filled with self-reflective exercises and transformative processes designed to support you on your journey of self-discovery.

Funded ways to receive the course… EVERYONE CAN GAIN ACCESS TO THIS COURSE

Victims Services NSW – If you have a Counselling Package under the NSW Victims Services scheme you can charge the entire course to your counselling package, so it comes to you free of charge. You will need to email Rayma a copy of your approval for counselling letter to

If you have been exposed to childhood trauma or trauma in your adult life – example Domestic Violence, abuse or have been a victim of crime you may be eligible to apply for a counselling package. Please email Rayma if you would like further information –

NDIS clients may also be eligible for the course through their funding package – please speak with your plan manager and send Rayma their email address.

Module 1: The Therapy Process

Embark on your therapeutic journey by clarifying goals, exploring history, traumatic events, emotional relationships, family dynamics, and intergenerational trauma.

Module 2: Trauma Essentials

Gain insights into trauma’s definition, impact on self, various types, symptoms, brain-body connection, and coping mechanisms.

Module 3: Trauma & the Brain

Understand how trauma affects brain regions like the prefrontal cortex, emotional centre, and reptilian brain, influencing responses and coping mechanisms.

Module 4: Trauma & Self-Identity

Explore how trauma shapes self-perception, identifies childhood wounds, and integrates different self-parts for personal growth.

Module 5: Addiction & Trauma

Discover the interplay between addiction and trauma, understanding substance abuse as coping, its role in regulation, and trauma-informed recovery.

Module 6: The Healing Journey

Recognize emotional challenges, employ trauma-informed practices, uncover beliefs’ origins, and embrace personal growth for transformation.

I first started seeing Rayma a few years ago. At first I was sceptical because I had been to many therapists before with little improvement. Rayma creates a welcoming atmosphere and a non-judgmental environment. She treats each session with respect, care and insight. She is extremely knowledgeable. Rayma worked with me through my trauma and was able to teach me how to understand my brain. With her I was able to retrain my way of thinking. With the help from Rayma I was able to completely turn my life around and overcome my anxiety. Rayma helped me regain control of my life. I am forever grateful to have had this experience with her and I highly recommend her to everyone.


This may sound dramatic but I owe my life to Rayma, I was seriously close to giving up on therapy until I met her. My life was so unmanageable, I felt completely out of control of myself as a person. No sense of direction in life whatsoever but after years of dedication to attending therapy a light started to turn on and I now live a happy and fulfilling life. I now go to sleep at night and wake up without the feeling of doom consuming me as soon as my eyes open in the morning and for that I am eternally grateful.


Ready to Buy?

Pay in full $497.00 AUD

Pay in two installments of $248.50AUD
(first payment upfront, second payment in 14 days)

This sounds cliche, but Rayma really has changed my life. Her passion to help people of all walks is evident in the way she supports me to find my worth, set healthy boundaries, and heal trauma that I have been carrying around for most of my life. The level of self-awareness I have gained through working with Rayma is immeasurable, and I walk out from our sessions feeling more empowered each time. She has helped me to find myself, to better myself, and to finally love myself. I will forever be grateful that I crossed paths with this beautiful soul.


I have been seeing Rayma for 4years now and it was truly the best decision I have ever made! Her approach is so welcoming that from the start I felt so comfortable sharing what was going on with me. Every session I leave I feel that much stronger. She is truly a blessing and I recommend everyone to seek out therapy to help grow, the gym for the mind is how I see it and I will continue to see Rayma for the foreseeable future.


I have worked with Rayma for the past 7 years within my role with Department of Communities and Justice. Rayma has supported our clients and families in both the Child Protection and Out Of Home Care spaces, including birth parents both as individuals and couples, carers and children and young people. Rayma has extensive knowledge working with clients who have experienced trauma who are facing complex challenges and situations as a result of this. Rayma’s knowledge, skills and dedication to her role has seen her support our clients and families to achieve amazing outcomes and positive shifts in their circumstances. Rayma is insightful and empowering and provides a non-judgemental space where even the most resistant and apprehensive client feels at ease and wanting to come back. Rayma has a genuine care for her clients, and with a personable character and sense of humour she is able to build rapport quickly and naturally. Rayma’s knowledge, skills and flexibility allows her to tailor her services to the individual clients needs and circumstances. I cannot recommend Rayma and her services highly enough. Rayma’s passion sees her go above and beyond for her clients to restore their dignity, confidence and sense of self to improve their overall quality of life.

Breeanna Coelli

Department of Communities & Justice

We have been utilising Rayma’s services for five and a half years. My husband and I foster a young boy who came into our care at the age of 7, having been exposed to significant trauma, primarily in utero and in his early and formative years. He then suffered abuse up until the age of 7. From the moment he came into our care we engaged Rayma to assist him to deal with and confront the trauma he has been exposed to. We are still working with Rayma today and hope to well into the future. Rayma has been amazing in the way she provides her advice and cares for her patients. She not only cares for our son but takes a holistic approach to our family of three, our son’s extended family and the effects all relationships have to play. Rayma commenced her therapy through play, providing a safe space, quickly establishing a friendship and connection which has enabled our son to comprehend he is being heard and putting him at ease and feeling safe to open up about his concerns. With Rayma’s assistance, we are raising a 12 year old who is well grounded, learning to live and feel comfortable with his traumatic experiences knowing he is supported step by step through each counselling session.


Ready to Buy?

Pay in full $497.00 AUD

Pay in two installments of $248.50AUD
(first payment upfront, second payment in 14 days)