Individual Therapy

This may be the first time you have considered therapy. Or, maybe you have attended therapy before and either it was not helpful, or it was, but you are looking for a new approach.

Many factors contribute to our issues in life. Challenging relationships, anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviours, addiction, stress, self-esteem issues, career difficulties, life transitions, divorce, grief and loss, health issues or family dysfunction often invite us to work on our sense of self, increase our awareness, emotional intelligence and improve the quality of our lives.

Modern therapeutic techniques are used which facilitate the healing process. Rayma’s aim is to provide a personal results-oriented service in an honest, authentic, and supportive manner.

It is important throughout the therapeutic process that the client’s goals and outcomes are at the forefront and all therapy plans are specialised to the person.

We are privileged now to have so many tools and options that can help us heal. All of us at some point in our lives need help. We are biologically hardwired to need help from others. So, don’t give up. There is hope and so many ways to find healing and become whole. Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone.

How to Work with Me


Download the Intake Form

Visit the page for new clients, download and fill out the intake form applicable to the therapy you wish to book.


Request an Appointment

Contact me via email, let me know what session you’d like to book, please include your completed intake form with your email.


Confirm Your Appointment

I will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment day and time. We can meet in person or online via Zoom