Couples Therapy

My Couples Therapy services follow the principals of Relational Life Therapy. RLT is a therapeutic model specifically designed to address the complex dynamics and challenges within intimate relationships. Our early learning and culture deeply impact our approach to intimacy, and often impedes our ability to connect effectively in our relationships. RLT uncovers these ineffective strategies and creates skills to form a better relationship with ourselves and others.

Relational Life Therapy aims to help partners resolve conflicts, develop personal accountability, improve communication, and foster intimacy within their relationship. It was created by leading couple’s therapist Terry Real and is renowned for sparking profound and lasting transformation in clients by helping them heal their relational trauma and forge fiercely intimate connections with others. RLT educates as much as it heals to equip people with the lifelong tools to live fully connected, fearlessly authentic lives.

Relational Life Therapy Through Couples Therapy Will Teach You
      • How to end the cycle of fighting and/or distancing
      • How to increase intimacy and learn to get what you want in healthy ways
      • How to work through infidelity and trust issues
      • Skills that will enhance your awareness of self and your relationship
      • Ways to empower your relationship and make it fulfilling and great

To learn more about Terry Real and the Relational Life Therapy model, please visit this link.

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