Meet Rayma

Welcome, I’m Rayma,

My journey as a therapist began in 2008 when I started learning various therapy processes from my first mentor, Graham O’Brien, who founded Phoenix Rising Australia. I had completed his experiential training to start my career in the personal development field.

In the years following, I completed formal qualifications in a Diploma of Counselling and then graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Counselling

Along this journey, I sparked an interest and talent in working with people with trauma. I began training in trauma treatment such as Dialectual Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and then more extensively in Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

I started working in Aboriginal health at the Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service in 2013 as a family counsellor. I also worked extensively with the Department of Communities and Justice where I worked with children and families in the foster care system.

I opened my private practice in 2017. I provide Psychotherapy and Trauma Therapy for individuals, couples, and families. I offer therapy face-to-face or in a virtual setting.

I completed my training and accreditation in EMDR therapy from 2018 to 2022 with Australian pioneers of EMDR therapy; Rosalie Gannon, and Sigmund Burzynski. I was also fortunate enough to complete Master Classes on trauma therapy with Roger Solomon, a member of the Senior Faculty at the EMDR Institute.

In 2019, I began studying relational life therapy with Terry Real. In 2023, I began the process of completing the accreditation programme with trainers direct from Terry’s faculty in the USA.

In 2023, I became a qualified clinical supervisor and started my journey of training and mentoring other counsellors and therapists.

In response to the high demands of my work, I launched an online trauma therapy programme that provides psychoeducation and an understanding of trauma therapy, the neurobiology of trauma and the impact on our sense of self and how to heal internally.

Since opening my private practice in 2017, I have helped many individuals, couples and families navigate the challenges in their lives, process past trauma and improve the quality of their lives.

I am an accredited provider for Victims Services NSW, ACT and VIC, National Disability Insurance Provider (NDIS), State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) provider for Workers Compensation, a provider for workplace-based Employment Assistance (EAP) and approved therapist for Department of Communities and Justice (Child Protection).

Areas I can Support You with



Mental Health Conditions

Panic Attacks

Anger Management

Relationship Issues

Childhood Issues

Sexual Abuse


Attachment Focused Parenting


Trauma Recovery

Family Counselling 

Body Image Difficulties

Alcohol & Other Addictions


Self Acceptance

Life Transitions

Relational Intelligence

Career Passion Purpose & Direction

How to Work with Me


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